Winter Temperatures the Lowest in at least 25 Years by 1000frolly PhD   1 year ago

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Country Victoria, Australia.
This last week saw record cold across the region.
The coldest in at least 25 years.
On the 14th August it was -5C but this record was soon shattered; on August 29th I recorded -6C (22F) on a thermometer attached to the wall.
The same day the Bureau of Meteorology Victoria claimed the minimum was only -1C.
But my thermometer and the thick ice in a bucket right next to the house says that they must be spreading fake news!

The official ACORN-SAT trend for Victoria shows a 0.9C/century upwards trend.
The 1887-2013 actual data shows a 0.24C/century trend.

The fraudulent ACORN-SAT dataset was used in the recent CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology’s State of the Climate 2016 report,
which suggests an overall rate of warming for the entire continent of 1 degree Celsius per century.

The main reasons for getting the wrong trend was the BOM cherry-picking the start date, and its homogenization of the data itself;

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