Hong Kong Street Food - 6 iconic Street Foods in Hong Kong by Aden Films   2 years ago

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Hong Kong Street Food compilation of 6 Street Foods filmed in 7 parts of Hong Kong: Mongkok, Central, Tai O, Tsim Sha Tsui, Yao Ma Tei, Sham Shui Po and Wanchai - - Street Food dish, location and price:
No. 1 0:01 Beef entrails / Beef offal: Street food locations: Mongkok and Central - Price: 3.20 USD / The noodle soup version at 2:07 costs 4.10 USD
No. 2 3:23 Fish balls: Street food locations: Tai O and Tsim Sha Tsui - Price: the bowl 3.20 USD
No. 3 4:55 Rice noodle rolls: Street food location: Yao Ma Tei - Price: 1.50 USD
No. 4 6:35 Chopped chicken, duck, pork and pigeon: Street food locations: Sham Shui Po and Wanchai - Price: various prices - Rice with barbecue pork at 11:26 - Price: 2.70 USD
No. 5 12:08 Orange Cuttlefish: Street food location: Tai O - Price: 7 USD
No. 6 13:50 Mobile Softee: Street food location: Yao Ma Tei (also often seen at Star Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui and in Sham Shui Po) Price: 1.10 USD

All prices seen in the video are shown in Hong Kong Dollars - 1 USD = 8 HKD

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