Taurus! They are coming back to stay 😍Taurus October love 💕 Reading~ how He/She feels about me by Queen of The Night 69 Tarot Reading   1 year ago

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Taurus October love 💕 Reading
Rider Waite tarot deck

For personal reading
Personal reading prices
One question $20 US 15 min video
2 Questions $30 US 30 min video
3-4 questions $40 US 45 min video
5 questions  in detail reading $60 US 60 min video
To purchase a reading please go to my website and choose shop, you can pay there with both PayPal or credit cards and also will be able to put all the requirements and make sure to leave your email as well.

I will need your name and date of birth( month on letter plz ) for you and other individuals involved in your questions and your specific questions.
A brief descriptions about the situation ( you will be able to put all the details while you are placing your order) make sure to leave your email as well.
The reading will be ready 24-72 hours
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