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After rummaging through his cupboards looking for food to feed his cat, a financially struggling pker down on his luck finds a secret compartment at the back of his snack drawer. To his surprise, it's a map left by his great great uncle's twice removed son, Lord MacaroniSalad VII, leading to supposedly a family heirloom on the far reaches of Crandor. With no time to waste and a cat growing ever so hungry, the pker packs his things and sets sail for Crandor. Upon arriving, he's met with peril as the island is guarded by a beast known as Elvarg, an olive colored dragon that ate all of the olive plants on the island thus causing a famine that virtually killed all of its population. In order to access the treasure, a battle had to ensue. After 85.2 hours of intensive battling in the cold rain, grueling sun, and a passing hail shower, the battle came to a close when the pker laid the finishing draconian dagger stab to the dragon's heart. With the dragon lay waste, the hero of the island enters the cavern to find a crossbow mounted on the wall; the treasure he had been looking for. This crossbow, fashioned with the shape and the horns of a dragon itself, seemed the perfect weapon to conquer a greater foe in mind. Taking the rest of the treasure, including 5 granola bars, an expired jar of olives, and enough money to pay for a quick meal at the local pub, our warrior gears up and makes plans for traveling to Ungael, where he intends to fight a much larger blue dragon in hopes of finding more snacks in its lair to feed his hungry feline friend

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