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Raised by a group of Fremmenik warriors in the northern reaches of Relleka, a young soon-to-be viking embarks on the 7 trials needed in order to truly consider himself one of his people. The trials, hardly a contest for our brave contender, were easily passed. Wanting to prove himself more, he studys under Peer The Seer for 6 months before embarking on a conquest of the deep wilderness. Like his father before him, the magical warrior was to make his name known to the wilderness. For a year, he slew the feeble scum of the deep wilderness. Venezuelans trying to provide for their family, commoners trying to acquire the treasures hidden within, and other battle mages who thought they were strong enough to spar with our young warrior. As he turned upon his prime of age 23, he returned to Relleka a true barbarian of his people. He learned from the best and most skilled warriors in the northern lands in preparation for his next bloodbath, the Edgeville Bounty Hunter. Legends, heroes, villians, and everything in between wait there in an endless combat contest only comparable to the gladiators of Rome. He learned the true ways of the Fremmenik, embracing their armor, using their greatest weapons, and learning from the wise MoonClan to the north-west who utilize the lunar magiks. Together with all these tools, he embarks to Edgeville to create the best series of pk videos known to low-end, mediocre Youtube. The legacy of fl0f was about to be born.

Songs used:
Distant Dream - Sleeping Waves
Distant Dream - Timeless Colors

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