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Trying to survive the unbearable winter storm that has covered all of Edgeville, a draconian weapon specialist tests his culinary skills in these tough times by trying to cook his mother's famous chicken noodle soup. After 8 hours of rigorous cooking and heavily petting his cat for moral support, he's met with his final goal of the perfect chicken noodle soup. Little did he know, his soup was only at half heat due to a slight leak in the roof causing snow to slowly drain into the soup pot. Upon his first spoonful of soup, he's met with utter disgust as his soup is only mildly warm instead of tongue scorching hot. Outraged by the lack of heat in his soup, he braves the grueling snow storm and travels to the legendary Tzhaar City where he intends to slay the infamous big lava dog for 28 fire capes that he can use to warm his cold bowl of soup

Songs used:
OSRS - Home Sweet Home
OSRS - Fishing
OSRS - Magic Dance

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