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From Watergate to the NSA, journalists are an integral part in educating the public and holding the accountable for their actions. So who are they and how did they change history?

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The Watergate Story
""Five Held in Plot to Bug Democratic Offices Here," said the headline at the bottom of page one in the Washington Post on Sunday, June 18, 1972."

Torture At Abu Ghraib
"In the era of Saddam Hussein, Abu Ghraib, twenty miles west of Baghdad, was one of the world's most notorious prisons, with torture, weekly executions, and vile living conditions."

Randy Shilts warned early about 'baffling diseases' in gay men
"A 45-year-old San Francisco man looked at the purple spots covering his arms, face and chest and contemplated the death sentence they might foreshadow."

The Top 100 Works of Journalism
In the United States in the 20th Century
"As selected by Madeleine Blais, Alan Brinkley, David Brinkley, Lydia Chavez, Karen Durbin, Clay Felker, Jeff Greenfield, Pete Hamill, Mary McGrory, Nancy Maynard, Eric Newton, Dorothy Rabinowitz, Gene Roberts, Morley Safer, David Shaw, George Will and Ben Yagoda;"

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Which Countries Have The Worst Censorship?


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