The Real Problem with Robots Taking Our Jobs | David Corfield | TEDxOhloneCollege by TEDx Talks   3 weeks ago

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In today's society, our identity is tied with our work and what we do. As we work our way through the day, we look for the quickest and most productive way to complete a task. Entrepreneur David Corfield talks about the Future of Work and how the rise of artificial intelligence and automation will redefine efficiency and productivity. In turn this will affect humans' relationship with work and how working in the future can change for us all. David Corfield is an expert on the Future of Work and is passionate about empowering individuals to maximize their potential and happiness in an uncertain future. With his MBA and background in management consulting, David spends his time coaching freelancers on how to improve the business side of their freelance career, as well as advising organizations on how to utilize freelance talent effectively and ethically. He has also recently founded LifeWork - a platform that ensures freelancers get paid faster - as a step towards his mission of making remote freelancing a sustainable career choice. David’s other passions include his friends and family, traveling the world, and maintaining a healthy body and mind.
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