Celebrities surprise fans (Part 1) by Federica Palma   3 years ago

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Hey. This is the first video of Celebrities Surprise Fans. I made this video because it's beautiful to see people happy. I hope that with this video I make you happy. And I also hope that one day I will can meet my idols like the people on the video. :-)
If you don't know the celebrities in the video, here they are in order:
1) Nick Jonas
2) Justin Timberlake
3) Justin Bieber (× 5)
4) One Direction (× 3)
5) Pharrel Williams
6) Olly Murs
7) Daniel Radcliffe
8) Taylor Swift
9) Nicki Minaj
10) Ellen DeGeneres
Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed it. Put a like, comment, share the video and subscribe to my channel. I love you. Bye, Federica. ♡♥

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