Crime investigation -- possibilities and limitations? Marco Gercke at TEDxZurich by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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Marco Gercke's talk focuses on the increasing discussion about crime investigation instruments. After a short review of the development of investigation instruments the focus lies on identifying the reasons for growing concerns. In this regard the talk highlights that the technical possibilities increased so significantly in the last years that technical limitations can hardly serve as restriction. The final part of the talk is dedicated to an elaboration of a philosophical and not merely legal/technical approach with regard to the introduction of new investigation instruments.

Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke is a global thinker, writer and expert focussing on Global Security Issues with a special focus on Cybersecurity. For more than ten years he has advised governments, international organisations and the private sector. He is Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute, an independent global think tank dealing with legal aspects. Marco is teaching International Criminal Law, European Criminal Law and Cybercrime at the University of Cologne and is lecturer at the University of Macau, Oldenburg University and Muenster University. He was and is member of various international committees -- among them the ITU High Level Exert Group on Cybersecurity. As advisor he supported more than 80 countries in strengthening their capacities in relation to Cybersecurity and Cybercrime.

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