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Gunnar would like to change the way we think about mathematics. Mathematics education is as fundamental to science and technology as learning to hold a pencil is for drawing. It may not be easy but the Tutor-web team wants to develop the right tools to make mathematics accessible to everyone. These free software tools for tablet computers are designed to help students, even in some of the most remote places in Africa where one can not count on Internet connections or stable electricity.

Gunnar Stefánsson is a professor of statistics in the Mathematics Department of the University of Iceland. He worked at the Marine Research Institute for over a decade, providing advice on the utilisation of marine resources, before turning to teaching and research on education at the University of Iceland.

Gunnar's University profile: notendur.hi.is/gunnar

TEDxReykjavík was held for the fourth time on May 17th 2014 in Harpa conference and concert center. The audience experienced engaging and motivational talks from some of the brightest artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs in Iceland, and from further afield. You can find more about TEDxReykjavík at www.TEDxReykjavik.is


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