How To Clean A Horse Stall by The Budget Equestrian   3 years ago

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A clean stall is SO important to help keep your horse comfortable, clean and healthy.
This is how I clean my horse's stalls everyday.

I would have to say the manure fork I have is the best one I have ever used in the 25 past years of owning horses. It is called a dream fork, and I bought it at one of most favorite horse shopping spots, State Line Tack. I think now it is called a wave fork. They cost around $40.00 and you can pick the colors of the tines.

It makes cleaning the barn quick,and I haven't bent or broken a tine yet, and I have had the fork for about two years now. That says a lot,because I am really hard on my tools! It may cost a little bit more than the traditional manure forks, however,not having to replace anything on it in 2 years means it has saved me at least $50.00 because I haven't had to buy a replacement.

For control of the wet spots I use baking soda instead of sweet PDZ. It works well to neutralize the urine odor, and it is really inexpensive. It is safe to use around horses too!

After I have the cleaning all done, I spray my homemade fly spray on the walls of the stall, especially close to the floor, because it seems those teeny tiny flying poop bugs seem to congregate there after I have removed the manure. I use it near the tops of the walls too, because my horses tend to lick the wood and this seems to detour them from chewing on it, which is not a good thing!

If you want to see how I make my fly spray, or the pretty bottles that I keep my sprays in,subscribe to my channel!

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