Making a woodcarving knife - start to finish by Marcel Teugels   11 months ago

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I wanted to make a woodcarving knife after seeing some beautiful carvings on Instagram. A quick google search pointed me in the direction of the Mora 106 knife by Morakniv® as one of the most reputable knifes in the craft. I decided to take this example as my inspiration for the making of my knife. I opted to give a little more flair to my knife by making a faceted handle with a brass ferrule and buttcap. The blade was made from an old hedge shear by the stock removal method and personalized by electro etching my logo into the blade.


How did you do the etching?:

it is called electro-etching. This is a technique where you apply a resist to a (metal) surface (in this case I used elektrical tape), then apply a current through an electrolyte (in this case salt (NaCl) dissolved in tap water). I used a 9 volt battery, and used alligator clips to connect one end (plus or minus, don't remember) to the knife metal and the other end i put in contact with the electrolyte absorbed in a cotton swab, which closed the circuit when applied to the metal surface. so it reacts with the metal and extracts the metal from the surface, dissolving it in to the elktrolyte,. This is what I think is happening. You would need to google it if you want to be sure.

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Morakniv 106:
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