Our Summer Bucket List... FAIL! by SevenPerfectAngels   1 year ago

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Hey guys it's Anna and Avery! And this week's theme on Seven Perfect Angels is... FREESTYLE SKIT! So we hope you like our video :) Anna and Avery decide to get rid of their summer boredom by making a summer bucket list. They want to do fun activities such as making popsicles, having a lemonade stand, picking flowers, having a water balloon fight, catching fireflies, and having a summer photoshoot. However when Avery and Anna try these activities, they all end up being an epic fail!

We hope you enjoyed our video this week! For a chance to get a shoutout in next week's video, comment down below one thing that’s on your summer bucket list!
Thanks again for watching! You can see us, Anna and Avery, every Fantastic Friday on Seven Perfect Angels! Bye! XOXO, Avery and Anna

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