Dancemoms: Mackenzie's Drama/Diva Moments by omgitsKK   3 years ago

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I had such a big response from Kendalls version that I decided to do one for Kenzie!! Maybe I'll do another girl!
And for the most part the only real bratty stuff Kenzie did was fight with her sister, which coming from experience is easy enough to do. Most of the other things are just stemming from the fact that she was 6-10 when she would cry about things easily!
I am not saying that Kenzie is the only girl on the show who has had diva moments. Nor am I saying shes a bully or is disrespectful. The way the show is edited it may be hard to tell whats real and whats fake. Things may be taken out of context or even if they are true, everone makes mistakes and I have my fair share swell. A lot of the moments are also her just being a normal young girl with a sister, and a mom, and alot of pressure on her to do well. Im not saying Kenzie always acts like this and is the only one. This list is just a complimation of all her "shady" moments. Kenzie is a funny and talented, no better than you and I, young lady and I repsect her fully.

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