Traded My Tesla Model X For Honda Accord! by WHAT'S INSIDE? FAMILY   1 month ago

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It's True, Goodbye Tesla Model X and hello Honda Accord. Hear me out. Watch Zack's Video here:

Our family wasn't ready to be an "All Electric" Family. Moving to the small town that requires so many road trips really did us in this summer. Didn't help that our airport shut down for 6 months so we really did have to drive. I almost bought a Long Range Model S but then I cancelled the order because it just felt foolish considering the battery changes have to come soon. I mean, how could the Model S NOT have Track mode but the Model 3 has it? If the changes don't come, well I just saved a ton of money and can wait for that free roadster.

Watch us take apart a Tesla Motor:

Looking to buy a Tesla? Use Zack's Code now that he has our car:

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