Is the internet replacing teachers? | Joseph Jay Williams | TEDxPortofSpain by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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The internet has increased educational access and opened a new frontier for personalization. Joseph explains how his research builds educational technology with the goal of personalizing teaching to millions of diverse students, like his favorite teacher did for him, and your favorite teacher did for you.

Joseph Jay Williams is a scientist who investigates and improves how people learn by bridging psychology, education, and computer science. He is a Research Fellow at Harvard’s VPAL (Vice Provost for Advances in Learning) Research Group, where he works with the Computer Science department. He received his PhD from the Psychology department at University of California at Berkeley, and completed his postdoctoral research at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Joseph builds adaptive online technologies that automatically enhance and personalize how students learn. He does this by turning any online lesson or problem into adaptive "MOOClets", which are micro-laboratories that crowdsource and experiment with teachers’ and scientists’ ideas about teaching, using algorithms from artificial intelligence to discover which approaches work best for which students.

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