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The leader of the black knights, forsaken from his destroyed fortress, has traveled the baron wastelands of the wilderness for 8 days straight. Exhausted and on the verge on collapse, he's met by a group of Dark Warriors who inhabit the a fortress to the north of the wretched green dragon's canyon. Admiring the ferocity of his tales in exterminating his entire black knight regime, the Dark Warriors kneel to their new savior and announce him as champion of the fortress. Little did they know, as that very moment, a cult of wizard robe wearing magicians stormed the fortress in hopes of claiming the Dark Warrior's precious treasure: the secret recipe to their spicy bbq sauce, an heirloom lost for many centuries. Ready to aid his new disciples in their time of need, the black knight, formerly known as dickeater420 but now claiming the title of meatlover666, leads the attack on the magicians. After 2.3 hours of intensive fighting and a strategically planned game of connect four, many casualties were lost. The black knight, yet again, finds himself in a fortress of ruin, with bloodshed surrounding him and friends lost. In an act of rage, he packs his belongings as well as the secret bbq sauce recipe and travels to Bounty Hunter where he intends to sever the limbs of his enemies and use them to construct a pony made of bone and flesh for his daughter's 8th birthday

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