How to Sell Without Selling Your Soul | Steve Harrison | TEDxWilmingtonSalon by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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Want to persuade more people to say “yes” to what you offer without feeling as if you’re some kind of ‘high-pressure salesperson’? In this inspiring and humorous talk, marketing expert Steve Harrison redefines what it really means ‘to sell.’ He reveals a simple four-step method for unleashing your desire to serve others so you can be more comfortable, confident and convincing. -

Steve Harrison is one of the top sales and marketing consultants in the world. He specializes in teaching people how to sell themselves more effectively by positioning themselves as helpful experts in their fields.
His company has helped launch many bestselling books including RICH DAD POOR DAD and CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL. People from all walks of life --business owners, nonprofit leaders, salespeople, authors, CEO’s professional athletes, doctors, professors, artists, therapists -- regularly attend his seminars or personally consult with him and his team in order to increase their sales and impact. Along with his brother Bill, Steve is co-founder of the National Publicity Summit and the Quantum Leap Marketing and Publicity Program. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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