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Esha Manwani explicitly coalesce fiction and business, charting the mesmerising kinship existing in between, explaining how bad becoming worst is transformed from better to best, through her journey from jack of all to the ace of one!

An unapologetic jack of all trades, Esha Manwani has dabbled in tech journalism, pursued public relations for corporate biggies like Lodha, and went on to handle content for Zomato in various cities like Mumbai, Pune and Lucknow. At Zomato, she realized her passion for watching start ups grow; it was intriguing that one action today would show immediate results tomorrow - that’s where the hustle gene was born and then she went on to lend her expertise to Housing .com, a budding start up at the time. With the needs of the company changing ever so often, her profile took shape of any challenge arising. She started off as a community manager and get moulded into their Partnerships Manager. Esha Manwani is in the business of sensitizing traditional brands to the new world of branded content as the head of brand collaborations at Terribly Tiny Tales.

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