Seulgi x SinB x Chungha X Soyeon - Wow Thing Reaction [Whose FANDOM R U? SEULGI] by Just Another Reaction   1 year ago

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Seulgi x SinB x Chungha X Soyeon - Wow Thing Reaction *** When SM calls you for a collab, you collab! Visually speaking, this is one of the best! The outfits, the set, the makeup - pretty much everything in this MV is visually amazing! The song is a bit underwhelmed for bit! I kinda wish that you would go with a more upbeat/dance track or maybe even a sexier concept! I think it would suit them better cuz they are all great dancers here! Seulgi, Chungha, SinB and Soyeon did a good job, well done! So happy that they make this comeback! Thanks for watching :) Follow me on Instagram @tovnadavid Vlog Channel

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Orginal MV: [STATION X 0] 슬기(SEULGI)X신비(여자친구)X청하X소연 'Wow Thing' MV

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