The 15 Most Dangerous Dragon Ball Techniques Used In The Anime by CBR   11 months ago

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The Most Deadly Attacks in Dragon Ball

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Dragon Ball is a series that needs no introduction. The power levels in Dragon Ball can go from super human to godly in a split second. This is a series where power levels soon became irrelevant as attacks and characters became more and more powerful. Yet, we love Dragon Ball all the same because of the good times, over the top fights and the important groundwork that the anime and manga did for future battle shonens.

Many people have debated which attack is the most powerful, it’s perhaps one of the oldest debates in all of anime. Which is stronger the kamehameha or the Spirit Bomb? With each new iteration of the series, the power levels keeps rising. In this video today, we’ll be looking at some of the most dangerous techniques in the series. Some criteria before we begin, these techniques are being graded on how powerful they are and how they can be used to defeat an opponent much stronger than the user.


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