Tribute To Cecil The Lion HD by Micheal Castaldo   4 years ago

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When i found out the killing of Cecil the Lion it was extremely upsetting. Having been to a safari in South Africa several years ago…to see these beautiful wild animals should be on everyone's bucket list.

The worst part here is that Cecil's pride is now left with only one young male lion, and several females and cubs. Other male lions are going to move in and kill the cubs as a form of infanticide. This dentist didn't just killed one male lion but several cubs at the same time.

This video is in memorial to Cecil. We used the song Lui Vive In Te (He Lives in You) from our Aceto CD.

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Cecil was a male African lion who primarily lived in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. He was a major attraction at the park and was being studied and tracked by Oxford University as part of a larger study.

On 1 July 2015, he was shot and killed after Walter Palmer, an American recreational big-game hunter, had wounded him with an arrow two days earlier. The killing drew international media attention and sparked outrage among animal conservationists, politicians and celebrities, as well as a strong negative internet response against Palmer himself

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