SWMRS: D'You Have A Car? [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by Fueled By Ramen   1 year ago

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SWMRS official music video for the song 'D'You Have A Car?' from the debut record Drive North - available now on iTunes: http://flyt.it/DriveNorth

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Sunday drivin’ always felt so lonesome
It never rains here it’s dead anyways
And I can't stand the thought of rotting right here
So maybe driving keeps you safe
Are you tired of waitin’, on some air to breathe? Or are you tired of me?
Are you tired of waitin’, or are you tired of me? Baby set me free
Do you have a car, do you have a set of keys, tell me where you're going is there room for me?
If you've got a heart, if you got an empty seat, take me driving bloody somewhere set me free, do you have a car?
My bedroom walls are feeling more like prison
For shallow sleep and bloodshot eyes
Someone save me from these sad sad poems
Let’s run away on up I-5
Webster, Broadway, Oakland save me, lift this curse of being seventeen
Gilman, smokehouse, foxhole, smoked out
Anywhere is fine if we run free

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