Custom Cadillac Escalades on Lexani Wheels Next Nation Body Kits by LexaniTV   3 years ago

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From Tokyo, to Yokohoma, to Chiba - The 2015 Lexani Japan Tour
A big thank you to the owners at Next Nation, Calwing 213 Motoring, and Azzurre Motoring.

Special thanks to:

Lexani Japan
Azzure Motoring
Hirotsugu Miyoshi
P.G Motoring
213 Motoring
Elegante Design
KT Customs
Exclusive Japan
AirRex Digital Air Suspension
Universal Air Suspension
The City Of Yokohama (Film Permit Dept.)
The Red Brick Warehouse
Sony, Japan (For all rentals & rigs)
Ekko Media House
Yuya Tegoshi
Boom Craft
029 Motoring
And all the car owners for taking part.

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