Decorative Birdhouse Plans and Instructions by Lowe's Home Improvement   8 years ago

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Create a beautiful decorative birdhouse out of wood veneer with these step by step instructions from Lowe's Creative Ideas. Find the complete instructions for this project at

Begin by cutting sets of wood strips at seven different lengths. You will need five sets, so thirty-five strips in total. Cut and stain your strips according to the instructions at Once your pieces are stained and dried, separate them by length into seven different bags.

Starting with the shortest strips, make a circle and secure the ends with hot glue. Add another circle over your first. Do the same with the third strip, continuing to make a sphere-like shape for your birdhouse structure. The first sphere should be balanced for structure, but as you continue adding layers to your birdhouse, you can get more random so it looks more natural.

After building layer three, use a placeholder to help you leave a hole for the bird. Continue adding layers until you have used all of the strips. Finally, feed the rope through the top of the ball, through the opening, tie a knot, and feed it back through.

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