Climate Activists Target the World's Poor by 1000frolly PhD   1 year ago

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Climate Activists Attack the Worlds Poor in Africa and India.
Hundreds of millions of the world's poor are being targeted by climate activists.
They are being forced to live their lives out in extreme poverty, instead of being allowed to develop as we did, using fossil fuels.

The poor of Africa were already severely attacked for 8 years by Obama and his fanatical henchmen such as eugenicist John Holdren and open borders people like John Podesta and George Soros. These same people are now heavily involved in preventing 100 million poor Indians from being lifted out of poverty, by stopping the Carmichael mine from proceeding in Australia. These anti-human and anti-Australian foreign actors should not be allowed to push their crackpot climate fanaticism in Australia.

Another activist associated with this group is Barack Obama. Obama always had a vile racist policy in place in which US taxpayers funded abortions and sterilizations all across Africa, and indoctrinated the poor there into believing they could not have as many children as they wanted, or even hope for a better life by developing their countries.

The funding of sterilization and abortions in Africa by U.S. taxpayers continued until an executive order (CNN, 2017) by newly elected president Donald Trump who ended the practice on the 23rd January 2017.
He effectively re-instituted former president Ronald Reagan’s ‘global gag rule’ which states that any overseas organisation receiving funding from the U.S. taxpayer, must not have anything to do with abortion (Tebbel & Watts, 1985).
CNN, (2017a) 24th January. Access 20/3/2017
Tebbel, J. W., & Watts, S. M. (1985). The press and the presidency: from George Washington to Ronald Reagan: Oxford University Press, USA.

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