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Get ready for a scare when you visit one of these haunted hotel rooms you can ACTUALLY stay in! From ghostly figures wandering through walls to some extra hotel staff that will never leave, these ghost hotels have everything a fan of the paranormal could want. Get ready to plan your next haunted vacation with these 25 Haunted Hotel Rooms!

If you are the type of person who likes to see the unbelievable and challenge what it means to be normal, then a stay at a haunted hotel is a MUST for your future. The ghosts and ghouls that call these hotels home range from happy go lucky caretakers to vicious spirits intent on not letting hotel occupants leave without something to remember. If you think flickering lights and a “strange feeling” are enough to make a hotel haunted, then you have another thing coming. These hotels are the definitive list of hotels that have every kind of ghostly experience in stock. Get ready to visit the Queen Mary Hotel, the Colonial Inn, and even the birthplace of The Shining in this amazing list! Make sure to leave us a comment after watching this list letting us know which hotel didn’t make the list but should have.

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The HI Ottawa Jail hostel, a former prison turned student hostel, is well known member of the gholish haunted hotel club with its former death row serving as a wi-fi enabled bunk room. To get some hands on attention from a ghost, visit the Grant Hotel Inn, a Connecticut haunt with a well established ghost population. For a little more drama to your stay, check out the Langham Hotel, a famous London establishment with more ghosts than you can shake a stick at. Curious where the Marshall House, the Langham Hotel, The Gadsden hotel, the Notchland Inn, and of course the Stanley house ended up on this spooly list? Watch all the way to the end to see which haunted hotel rooms made our top 10!

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