Embarrassing Water Park Story (Ft. Emirichu) by TJ Toons   1 year ago

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Hey guys TJ here! This story is just about a dumb little 8 year old me doing dumb little 8 year old things in the Water Park. If you have a similar story then definitely share them in the comment section below ^^

A huge thanks to Emily for helping me out!

Emirichu - https://www.youtube.com/user/Emirichu

And be sure to tell her how much of an amazing job she did! :D

Sooooo yeah... I kind of went overboard again and took another month to make a 8 minute long video hahahaha xD kill me... Really pushing hard to get more videos and content out there for you guys!!! Hopefully the next video can be shorter but just as entertaining.

Also Thank you all so much for the support in my first few videos. It really drives me to improve and push for greater story and content overall when you cheer me on so dearly. You guys are much too kind and precious. Much love!

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Thanks for watching and reading this description. Hope you all have a great Toontastic Day! :3

Ok love you byeeeee
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