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After 9 hours of extensive meal prep and petting his cat furiously in between, a mediocre pker crafts his ultimate blend of 7 and a half cheese macaroni worthy of recognition in his family's archive. This special blend, mixed together with herbs from across Gilenor and blessed by the highest priest of the Saradomin Order, was the perfect bowl of macaroni and cheese that was to be consumed on this chilly day in Edgeville. However, moments after grabbing the spoon by which he was to eat his prized meal, his cat, notable for its tactics in feline combat and mischief, extended its paw and, in a matter of 2.325235 seconds, knocked the bowl off the counter onto the floor. Anger fueled the pker's veins as the depths of Hell itself rose from beneath the floor boards. However, in the heat of the moment, the feline friend rolled itself over on the ground and let out a large purr, the largest Edgeville had ever recorded in it's 19 year census record of cat purrs. Moved by the soothing sound of his cat, the anger quickly dropped from the pker. After hastily cleaning up his mess as if nothing happened and petting his cat for a final time that evening, he travels to Zeah where he intends to craft the a plethora of blood runes to feed his cat, since pet food had risen in the Edgeville pet shoppe by 4 gp that week

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