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Kris is a co-creator of UNREAL™ Brands, a mission-based company dedicated to proving that junk food, a leading contributor to the diabetes and obesity epidemic, can be "unjunked." This past summer, UNREAL™ launched with five reinvented versions of America's favorite candies in 25,000 stores nationwide. These candies are sold side by side with the originals, cost the same, and we think tastes as good. They also have zero junk and up to forty percent less sugar. Bill Gates, Matt Damon, Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady and Jack Dorsey are among the many who have shared their excitement for the change UNREAL™ will create in the world. A recent WSJ article compared UNREAL™'s innovations to Apple's and Ford's, and Fast Company named UNREAL™ one of its top food stories of the year. According to Kris, UNREAL™ fulfills its mission when other companies are inspired to "unjunk the world."

Kris is 18 years old and is also the innovator of the world's first levitating food. He loves science, technology and food, and passionately believes that entrepreneurship is the medium through which change is most influentially applied. Kris is up for adventures of all kinds, having climbed Kilimanjaro, played tennis in Antarctica, and skydived in NZ.

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