Evolution of a Jeweler's Inspiration | Gihan El Shamashergy | TEDxSuezCanalUniversity by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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Contrary to popular belief, inspiration doesn't always come as one big bundle of emotions; in Gihan's case this bundle was scattered all over Egypt. Through investigating her personal endeavors in Jewelry-making, Gihan reflects on how she found pieces of inspiration buried deep in the most unlikely places; resulting in outcomes that are endearingly unique.

Gihan El Shamashergy is a Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith who studied English Literature but always had a passion for craftsmanship. In 2011, after the Egyptian revolution, she decided to further explore her artistic talent.
Her eagerness led her to find a place where she learnt how to make jewelry under the supervision of a good old silver and goldsmith for several months. Since then she has developed her skills gradually in a rather fast pace and taught herself many techniques; and to this day, she successfully displayed her jewelry in various exhibitions around Egypt.

Gihan has a studio in Cairo were she designs and makes jewelry. She also teaches Metalsmithing to women in South Egypt, who now pass the knowledge to other people through a community built workspace in Aswan.

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