My $6000 "Music Theory" Mistake (ATTN: Guitar Players!) by Acoustic Life   2 years ago

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Don't learn music theory. Seriously. This video is for true guitar geeks.

Here's the FULL (totally free) fretboard clinic...

I tell you this story so you can skip this part of your guitar journey and go straight to these 5 foundational fretboard concepts that will give you the theory knowledge that you'll use 90% of the time you play guitar.

If you have an engineer's mindset and love knowing exactly how everything works, then learn everything about theory. If you want to win the "music theory" category on Jeopardy, learn music theory.

But if you're like me, what's really important to you is increasing your quality of life through music by having fun. You want to play with friends and understand enough "music speak" to be able to communicate and understand music. You want to understand keys and chords and how to find any note on the fretboard.

If so, this video is for you.

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