Top 5 ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Afford (Starting at $261) by Future Lab   3 months ago

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Introducing Top 5 Coolest and Cheapest Electric Bicycles that are lightweight, easy to carry with, come with innovative design and long range.
These battery-powered bikes are being operated either by a manual throttle on the handle-bars or by an automatic system that adds power when pedaling.

01: Sondors Thin

Battery-380 w/h, Range-full electric 25 mi/40 km, pedal assist 60 mi/100 km
Motor-350 W, top speed-20 mph / 32 kph
Weight-17 kg, Price - $879

Models Available for the U.S./Canada market

Models Available for European market


Battery-504 w/h, Range-pedal assist 60-150 Km
Motor-250-550 W, top speed-15 mph / 25 kph in Europe, 20 mph / 32 kph in the U.S. (*limited by the local laws)
Weight-19 kg, Subscription plan-$298 key fee (one-time) + $19/m

03: Super 73 Z

Range-throttle 20 mi / 32 km
Motor-350 W, top speed-up to 20 mph / 32 kph

04: Populo Sport V3

Battery-313w/h, Range-pedal assist 30 mi / 50km
Motor-250 W, top speed-up to 20 mph / 32 kph
Weight-16 kg, Price-$999

05: Xiaomi Himo V1

Range-pedal assist up to 50 km
Motor-250 W, top speed-20 kph
Weight-16.7 kg, Price - $261 (*Available for the Chinese market)
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