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Demetrius Isaac is one of the leading animal consultants in south India. Though qualified with a masters degree in Criminology and was selected to be a police officer, he decided to follow his passion for animals, nature and wildlife and make a career out of it. He set up two businesses in that direction, Pegasus Animal consultancy and Pugmarks wildlife outings. While Pegasus animal consultancy is a pioneering organization extending advice on all genera of fauna, Pugmarks organises wildlife and nature learning experiences.

Since '91, Isaac has worked with various Govt. Departments, Zoos, Educational institutions, Amusement parks, resorts and many eminent individuals.Isaac is a member of various societies and associations, both National and International, in the fields of Animal Husbandry, wildlife and Nature conservation, some, where membership is by invitation based on achievements in the relevant field. Isaac is a prolific writer on the chosen fields and contributes regularly to journals, magazines and newspapers. He also delivers lectures on these subjects to varied gatherings ranging from school children to fulltime scientists and academics .

His other interests are motorcycling and rifle-shooting and has won titles and prizes in both pursuits. Isaac Demetrius will talk about "Following your Dream" and the pleasure he has derived from doing so.

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