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OUT OF THE MAP GLITCHES in Modern Warfare Remastered!?
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The original Call of Duty 4 maps had some INSANE out of the map glitches and under the map glitches, but ONLY when playing Old School mode.

These glitches actually added a new layer of variety to the existing maps, increased replay value, and were really fun to use when playing Mike Myers!

Unfortunately, it seems as if the developers for Modern Warfare Remastered made a conscious effort to remove a lot of these original glitches…

If anyone who’s working on Modern Warfare Remastered is watching this video, please consider releasing a patch that can open up the maps again.

A lot of these original out of the map and under the map spots are what gave Call of Duty 4 maps their charm, and they feel limited when playing Old School.

Either way, I appreciate them for striving for perfection with Modern Warfare Remastered, although it’s safe to say that Call of Duty 4 was NOT a perfect game.

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