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In our society today, we find single ladies dating married men more rampant. This development brings us to ask certain questions like; Why do ladies date married men? What do they stand to gain? Is this normal?

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Different ladies have different reasons for dating married men, some will tell you the men can take care of their needs better compared to the single guys. Some did say they enjoy the company of these married men because they do fit their demands better, take them out on a steady bases depending on how they want it. Hence, we set out to the street to understand peoples view on this topic.

At times, ladies choose to go out with married men because they are mostly employed and ready to spend their money.

In his own view, a Nigerian man says “some of them are doing it for money, monetary sake and some have taken it as a way of life but it is not normal”

Another young Nigerian ladies says “dating a married man is just a total waste of time because it’s just like eating from someone else’s pot”

While another Nigerian lady says married men choose to date single ladies for sexual satisfaction.


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