The Broken Window - Surviving Depression | Judy Kucharuk | TEDxGrandePrairie by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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They say that membership has its privileges. Okay… as a member of the (not) exclusive club of Canadians suffering from depression, Judy has the privilege of sharing her experience wrestling with the chainmail that occasionally encapsulates her being, making movement towards any shred of sunlight virtually impossible. Unashamed and not willing to hide behind a mask of “I’m okay…really I am”, Kucharuk will discuss her lifetime struggle with a brain that from time to time, feels the need to pull the shades down and retreat into a corner.

“Think before you speak Judy, look before you leap Judy”: Constant reminders given to Judy (Stanley) Kucharuk by her peers as she was growing up. Thankfully, this rebellious small town girl simply could not comply and rushed headlong into life, unable to edit the words that bubbled to the surface. Those oftentimes inappropriate thoughts and words became a conduit for her to share her lifelong struggle with depression.
Judy now lives in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and when she isn’t working full time as a Special Events Manager at the Encana Events Centre, she writes a column for the Alaska Highway News or records her column “Peace of Mind” for CBC Radio.
Recently Kucharuk published her first book titled, “Naked Tuesday” – a self deprecating collection of real-life essays which follows the author as she gets older….but never quite grows up. The book is an intimate, relatable look at her life as a daughter, wife and mother, and how she uses humour to share her life experiences.

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