Sonic Seconds: Volume 5 by Sonic Paradox   9 months ago

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Volume 5 is now out! Thanks to all of the animators involved in this collab!

Also, be sure to check out our other project, Sonic Legacy! It's a comic project by Sonic Paradox for non-animation artists to contribute to the community!

Animators (in order of appearance):
1. Scandrë:
2. blasphysics:
3. Rogerregorroger:
4. yesmen10:
5. TheWax70:
6. Laloteria:
7. Rogerregorroger:
8. Little Miss Animator:
9. Cloverleaf Palette:

Voice Actors (in order of appearance):
Skylar Tourai:
Amish Metul Sanic:

Additional Animator (Credits):

Transition Animator:

Logo Designer:

Collab Organiser:

Sonic Paradox Discord:

Sonic Mania HUD Regular font recreated by Vienna Binders:

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