Exploring an Abandoned House in Millsville, Ontario by DaaDeeOh's Urban Exploration   1 year ago

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I randomly came across this house about a year and half ago, and since I had all my equipment handy I decided to venture in. This is I think the last of my super wide angle videos for those of you I know are going to complain.

A pretty basic but pleasant design from the outside, this place had much more to offer inside. Nice solid wood doors and casing are always a wonderful feature in these old farm houses I did find the downstairs toilet in an odd location, but hey, good use of space! There were defiantly 80's style upgrades to this house, which I always find a little clashing.

For fans of the creepy basements i explore, this one takes the cake, complete with dead bodies of animals, which I can only presume were cats. dark, dank, musty and like an 8 on the creepy meter. I also included the barn, because I thought winter sleigh was really really cool :-)

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