Bowlturning: Shou Sugi Ban and Gilded Finish by Marcel Teugels   9 months ago

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This is a wooden bowl turned from a piece of salvaged beech wood. The outside was finished using the Japanese "Shou Sugi Ban" technique. Here the wood is charred using a flame and finished with oil, in this case linseed oil. This technique was historically used to give the wood a protective layer for outside use. To contrast the rugged finish on the outside of the bowl the inside of the bowl was gilded . The surface was sanded smooth before gilding using the Kölner high gloss water gilding system. This system consists of three components: an impregnation agent to seal the wood, the - in this case - red burnishing clay and the size for water gilding. About 4 sheets of real gold leaf was used for this project. After applying the gold leaf, the surface was burnished using an agate stone burnisher.

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Kölner gilding system:


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