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Junichi Rekimoto, a University of Tokyo professor and longtime researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, ponders this question day and night. He foresees the spread of telepresence, augmented reality and the Internet of Abilities (IoA), such as guiding drones with your own movements, jacking in to the senses of another person, and devices that allow a third party to experience what athletes encounter, including their speed and perspective.

Jun has already invented CyberCode—the world’s first marker-based augmented reality system—as well as early multitouch systems such as Augmented Surfaces, HoloWall and SmartSkin.

He has received the Multimedia Grand Prix Technology Award from the Multimedia Content Association of Japan in 1998, the iF Communication Design Award in 2005, and the Japan Society for Software Science and Technology Fundamental Research Award in 2012, among many others.

Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo / Deputy Director, Sony Computer Science Laboratories

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