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Andy Braitman is a man of many mediums when painting with oils. Cold Wax Mediums ( help him to control the viscosity of his oil paints.The wax mediums can be used to make oil colors thicker and more matte. Gamblin Cold Wax medium ( is a soft paste made from naturally white unbleached beeswax, alkyd resin and odorless mineral spirits (OMS). It contains no oil so it can be applied as a wax varnish over a dry oil painting. Dorland's Cold Wax Medium ( is another product that Andy uses frequently. It can also be mixed with oil paints, powdered pigments, colored sands, dyes and other compatible fine art materials. Dorland's improves the luminosity and clarity of colors. It adds translucency to oil paints, making them more brilliant. It may also be used as a final coat on dry paintings. These products enable Andy to build layers of texture and form to create a profound depth that is recognizable in his work.

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