My testimony of when I met God Almighty in person - Part 1 by ImetGodinperson   2 years ago

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It has been almost a decade since I met God, and I never shared my testimony with anyone besides my family and a few friends. It takes a lot of courage to testify this, because I know that virtually everyone who hears this will not believe me, and will probably mock me. However, I feel I owe it unto GOD to share my testimony too. I hsve seen a number of people from around the world giving testimony of supposed dreams and visions. Yet in most cases, the experience is always tailored to that person's religious beliefs, and they often try to enforce a religious doctrinal concept along with their testimony. The other problem is that all of these cases involve the people either dreaming, having inexplicable visions, or having near-death experiences whilst in a coma, or during hospitalization and so forth. Even though I have had a few visions and prophetic dreams, I do not hold them on any pedestal. My experience with God in person far outweighs all my dreams and visions combined. And furthermore, even God told us himself in the Bible that dreams and visions cannot be fully trusted. It is too easy for them to be corrupted or misinterpreted, or to even be given or influenced by demonic entities. When God came to me I was fully awake and conscious with eyes open. He then came again a number of times over the next few weeks. I was never asleep or having near-death experiences in any of my encounters. Albeit my body went through terrible pain and agony during his presence each time. When my last meeting with Him was over and he returned me to my body atop this ledge on a cliff overlooking the ocean to the East, he offered me to come with Him to Paradise. I declined so I could remain here with my family and loved ones, whom would miss me dearly, and would not even find my body in this location. He accepted my decision and left. I have missed him dearly ever since. His presence alone is beyond words, and fills you with overwhelming bliss and love, even if your body suffers from His Holiness. God at all times freely defied all laws of physics, even time, space, and matter. I did these things with him too, which makes it even more insane. I experienced all these things first hand, and even though all He did was teach me and take me places, what I learned is priceless. It would be selfish of me to horde it to myself, as even the basic elements of what happened in my experiences teach aspects of God and reality and our purpose here. I even learn to this day, reflecting on my experiences. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my testimony. At no time do I consider myself special or mighty, and it was God who chose to come to me, not me choosing it to happen. I suffered a lot during my encounters, terror and pain beyond words, for hours at a time even. So it was no walk in the park for me. God never told me to go start a religion or to teach. But I just feel stupid not sharing my incredible experience with the world. He also gave me two prophecies from his own mouth to my face, that "There will be a time when the world will see two suns." and soon after he added, "In the future, the planet Neptune will be [devastated] by a [great cosmic collision]." The terms he used in the last quote I could not put into words properly, so I choose these words in brackets to best express what he told me. Now nearly ten years later the whole world is talking about seeing two suns, and scientists are noting a mystery planet or planetoid behind Neptune, influencing it, and sending meteors crashing into other nearby planets. I never thought those prophecies would occur in my lifetime as he never specified when it would happen. But it amazes me the world is talking about it now...when it DOES happen, I will have a crazy feeling running through me, that's all I can say. But I don't know what it all means.

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