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Have you ever heard people telling you how lucky you are to have everything a person could want, when in reality, deep down, you feel confused and empty? When a successful software engineer decides to face his ego and take the journey to happiness, he finds himself in a very casual, ordinary place: a yoga class. Ayman Al-Khatib talks about his journey to the Self and gives a few tips on how one can reach what every man seeks.

Ayman is a devoted Yoga teacher and the founder of the Guru Yoga group in Lebanon. In 2012, he started a journey traveling throughout Nepal, India, and many other amazing places. A life changing journey of self-discovery which resulted in him ending his corporate career and becoming a Yoga teacher. Having lived and studied in an ashram in India, Ayman is, today, dedicated to sharing the traditional Yogic philosophy and science in Lebanon and worldwide. His favorite quote is "My life is my message".

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