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In order for the Waste Industry to continue and grow constantly, new ideas and innovations must be on demand to compete with a growing industry and with that we see our local Australian competitors come up with new machinery to provide their clients with the finest equipment for their desired use.

Late last year saw the introduction of the Bucher Xtreme GenV which is pretty much a short wheel base Acco with a redesigned body length and a few other cosmetic changes such as the smaller tailgate. What the new Xtreme offers is an easier Turning Circle, Bigger Payloads with the shortest body length and height that will easily enable the driver to get on a 10 tonne + load, safety would be less of an issue in smaller tighter streets, comes with the new Extend-A-Slide reach which is displayed highly in the video and greater productivity with the new UG-6 Grabs although one thing some drivers are not a major fan of is that the grab has a slow open and closing cycle.

Cleanaway not long ago managed to loan one out from Bucher and had put it to work but only really those who knew how to operate/drive it drove it only. Caiden (MelbourneGarbo) drove it plenty of times and was really the only one who actually knew how to work it properly. Around lunch time I ended up in Moonee Valley after work where I filmed the truck on its first few weeks at Cleanaway where it was in pristine condition. On this day it was being used as a chop out truck on Recycle and with a truck like this to quite possibly not to be seen in Moonee Valley again I didn't wanna miss my chances on it as it isn't often you see Cleanaway taking control of a brand new Bucher Side Loader

Hope you all enjoy the footage, been meaning to chuck this up for couple or more months now. This Demo truck has since moved around and has found itself in Stonnington and Boroondara. Enjoy!

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