Lecrae Speaks on Being Molested by His Babysitter at 7 Years Old (Part 1) by djvlad   1 year ago

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In this clip, Lecrae gives his backstory from growing up in Houston, Dallas, and San Diego. He said he moved around so much because his mother was ironically searching for stability. Lecrae detailed not having a relationship with his father and told of his first time meeting his dad. He said they met at a concert a few years back and Lecrae instantly knew who he was and claimed they resembled one another from facial features to height. However, Lecrae stated that the meeting was weird. He had an idea of who his father was from stories his mother told him and the man he met wasn't quite the man he made up in his mind. He explained his father's absence as a result of drug addiction and mentioned how during a phase of experimentation with drugs (everything except crack and heroin) he used his father's addiction as motivation to ward off his own potential battle. Lecrae also detailed being molested by his babysitter when he was only 7-years-old. Lecrae talked about how the experience impacted his development and how detrimental it is being exposed to sex at such an early age.

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