इतनी छोटी है आपकी ज़िन्दगी... This Is How Short Your Life Is by GetsetflySCIENCE   3 months ago

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Hey friends, we all have great plans about how our life would be like. We would study till 23-24, then get a job and start earning. Start a family by 32-35, work hard and earn for our family and retire by 60-65 and then live our life to our fullest. Fulfill all our wishes like travelling the world after retiring. But things don`t always turn out to be as planned, now do they? This video is essentially an eye opening video for everyone that how small our lives could be and that we must measure our life by the amount of productivity we gained out of it and not just by days. This video will show you why you must not waste the crucial hours of your lives doing nothing productive when you can actually learn something or do something productive instead. Do watch the entire video to know more

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