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(Spoilers for the end of the movie v.v)

First things first, I want to dedicate this video to xLoveMitchiex, because you told me that because of my preview for this vid, you went and bought Shelter and loved it, and that makes me extremely happy because it means that I made someone want to watch a movie, and it really means a lot to me :) So, I hope you like the final product, even more now that you watched the movie.
Now, onto the video. I finished it in record time :D But I was so inspired, these two are so beautiful :3
Even if, on a second thought, I think the end is a little rushed, and I visibly jumped the whole break up part, the angst and everything, I think it was a reaction to the fact that it's my least favorite part of the whole movie *swiftly kills Jeannie* Not my fault, I hate her with a passion v.v
Hope you like it, and thanks for the feedback on the preview, ILU all :333

Song: Say When
Artist: The Fray
Fandom: Shelter
Pairing: Shaun/Zach

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