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Taylor Swift Has To Follow These Strict Rules When She's On Tour.
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Miss Taylor Swift has a group of loyal fans that will never let go and we totally understand why. The songstress has pumped out crazy good music for years now and even set a record as the first woman to sell over a million copies in a week for three albums. She’s a widely known cat lover, star befriender, and style icon. Swift is always seen with girlfriends Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Lena Dunham. Her tireless work ethic and devotion to her fans is what got her where she is now…oh and also that Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records discovered her crazy talent. But Taylor also implemented STRICT rules that could be another reason for her major success. The pop star follows some insane rules on her tour to make sure everything goes as planned…and we’re scared to find out what happens when it doesn’t. From no partying to custom microphones to demanding her friends' presence this girl has got her tour self down.

Ready to be surprised by the crazy strict rules Taylor Swift follows on tour? Well, grab your gold snake ring or your favorite Taylor Swift concert T and let’s get to it!

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